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The Gym Programs


The objective of the class program is to offer co-ordination, gymnastics, strength and flexibility skills on all four of the Olympic events for girls and all six of the Olympic events for boys. We also incorporate trampoline and dance skills as we follow USA gymnastics national curriculum. The gymnasts learn discipline while being encouraged, in a positive manner, to accomplish the listed gymnastics skills. Our students participate at three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold and they are evaluated at the end of each month. Progress can be seen on the Star Charts posted in the foyer. Twice a year, we host a mini meet for our class students where they perform their routines in a competition format and receive medals for their participation. In June, we host the Summer Sizzle in conjunction with the Team Recital and in December, we host the Winter Classic. Girls and Boys advance through the levels at their own pace and mobility to the next level is acquired as they attain all the skills listed on the respective levels posted on their Star Charts.


This program is geared towards the student with exceptional talent. Participation in this program is by invitation only. The Cubs, Lions, Tigers, Tops and Pre-Team students are placed in this program.


We follow USA Gymnastics national curriculum and our compulsory team students compete in various meets within the state. These levels include Level 2, level 3, Level 4 and Level 5. The compulsory team program has annual "try outs" every year in May for the Level 2 program. Mobility from one level to the next is determined by achieving the skills required to compete at each level. These skills are determined by our national governing body, USA Gymnastics. We often will have one out of state meet per year in Las Vegas. Our Olympus team has won hundreds of state titles throughout the years and has a very experienced and knowledgable coaching staff.


We follow USA Gymnastics guidelines for the levels competed in the optional program. These include, Xcel. Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Level 9 and Level 10. Our students travel to approximately 3-4 "away" meets each year, some local meets including Crystal Cup, plus Regionals and Nationals. Olympus has won more state, regional and national titles than any other club in Utah. Mobility from one level to the next is determined by the required minimum score set down by USAG and the minimum requirements set down by the Olympus staff. Optional athletes from Olympus have represented the USA in international competition in Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, Russia and Japan.